Convolutional Nets
Felix Bogdanski, 23.03.2018

In the article Artificial Neural Networks we designed, trained and evaluated a fully connected, dense neural network. While purely dense nets are suitable tools for many data structures, at times it is their density which can be a little too much. In this article, we introduce a technique called...

Neural Pokémon Cluster
Felix Bogdanski, 24.04.2017

Whenever I see Pokémons, they remind me of my younger days. Just recently there was this virtual reality revival. I never really got obsessive about the card games, I'd rather collect and trade them on the schoolyard for the social aspect. The video games were not bad actually. I spent quite some ti...

Text Classification
Felix Bogdanski, 22.06.2016

I want to present a neural learning approach, whose underlying technique can be used for many different scenarios where raw, unstructured text data is the primary source. Together, we will build a model, that is able to infer the category of new, unknown content. A significant part of the process wi...

Koan: YCombinator
Felix Bogdanski, 01.06.2016

We all work within some industry and often it's about time and money. But essentially, coding to me is art and we should have fun practicing our art. So, this time, let's talk about the art of coding. For this, I picked a very beautiful and elegant piece of code – the YCombinator written in Scala1...

A Song for HList
Felix Bogdanski, 30.05.2016

In this article I want to motivate the existence of heterogenous lists, often simply called HLists, in Scala. Never heard of them? In NeuroFlow, you use them, because the layout graph is implemented as a HList. Think of a linked list that knows the types of its objects, instead of generalizing all o...

Time Series Prediction
Felix Bogdanski, 25.01.2016

In the last article I showed that a neural net can be trained with digits from several typesets to recognize digits from new, unknown typesets through generalization. Aside from these classification tasks, neural nets can be used to predict future values, behaviors or patterns solely based on lear...

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